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Sep 21, 2021

Learn how Jason Allan Scott has been through incredible challenges from his time getting shot aged 12, to starting and selling multiple businesses. Hear about the events that really caused him to question everything. Discover the three questions that matter that have become his mantra and serve as his North Star.


Listen out for what has caused his drive and focus, and how he has found ways to navigate the resets he’s been through. You’ll get clear why he knows the importance of health above everything else. You’ll also hear about the two types of people that his dad shared with him, that helped him decide what kind of person to be, and so much more.


So, are you ready to hear his stories so you can start to rewrite yours? 


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This host and creator of this podcast is Simon Hedley. Building on his strong background in banking, business & strategy he’s passionate about learning, sharing, and making the difference to people and projects. As “Strategic Alchemist” he’sbeen the secret weapon of many well-known leaders, founders and thought leaders for over two decades.


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